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These activities if not controlled could damage the environment to a big extent. Construction projects interfere with so many things within the natural environment and this is what leads to resistance when the development of a new building is initiated. These people will be directly affected by the building and thus they will suffer more if the building comes into existence. If the building is constructed within the urban areas, it will interfere with a number of things and these include: traffic systems, roads, business premises and visualization.

In the end a good environmental assessment report should be able to point out the salient issues and what can be done to solve such issues. If the magnitude of the problem is big chances are that the building may not be approved in the long run Lester, The environment itself is a risk factor to any construction project.

The project will face resistance from the people or the community around it during construction. The economy will also affect the construction of the project as it will impact on the kind of materials that will be used in the construction of the project. The site itself will dictate which kind of building can be erected at the site Loosemore, The available technology will dictate how the building will be constructed and how fast it can be constructed. The political landscape of the nation will also determine what will be built and what will not be built including building designs and architectural drawings.

The political landscape will determine building laws that in turn will affect how the project will come up. The success of any project depends on the achievement of certain critical success factors. The accomplishment of the key project deliverables within the specified time frame can be seen as a key indicator for the success of the project. However, this is not the only way in which project managers can be able to measure project success Lester, Project success is dependent on key factors within the environment that directly impact on the project.

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It is possible that the project manager might have set key performance indicators to measure the success of the project and by the end of the project; these might not have been achieved upon evaluation. Success in construction projects is not a simple matter. Project managers especially those working on large projects; admit that working on a large construction project is not a simple task.

It means that the environment is totally supportive of the structure and that the structure has a minimal impact on the environment Himes, There is no way a construction project will begin and fail to experience resistance from the environment.

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The reason being that, each and every project has its own impacts on the people around it and the natural and built environment. During the planning stage, which takes a longer time than the project itself, the project manager together with the environmental review consultant must go through a number of things to ensure that the project works in harmony with the environment Winch, The result is a report that points out the specific activities together with their impacts and how the project will be affected by these factors and how the project will affect these factors.

Success of the construction project may be looked at in terms of the traditional quantifiable metrics which are easy to establish. It becomes difficult in other circumstances to measure project success based on the level of quality as this is usually more subjective. Quality will definitely be affected if the risk factors were not identified earlier and dealt with. Thus, the environment will affect how people will view the construction project even if the key performance indicators were met and the project was a success in the eyes of the project manager.

There is increasing pressure being mounted on the construction industry to take environmental considerations into the daily decision making processes of construction projects. Despite the huge consumption of energy and the release of greenhouse gases, there are many strategies that can be employed by project managers in the construction of buildings in order to reduce the green-house emissions.

The mitigation efforts have led to the development of two common concepts in the construction industry: lean philosophy and green buildings Gordon, The lean philosophy in construction projects is concerned with eliminating waste and increasing productivity through the pull system, employee involvement and continuous improvement. Many projects have benefited a great deal from this concept.

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The lean philosophy has also contributed greatly to sustainable development through the minimization of resource depletion, minimization of environmental pollution and the matching of business and environmental excellence. Lean management as a concept can be used effectively in construction projects and this ensure success as many of the impacts that a project might have had on the environment are highly reduced Klinger K.

The green building concept was born of the need to conserve the environment and ensure sustainability. Green buildings are made in such a way that there energy consumption is very low and thus they do not release greenhouse gases in the environment. Many of the buildings being constructed today are green buildings because of the need to continuously conserve the environment and ensure sustainability Gordon, A lot has been done to ensure that these building use energy from the environment and that they are environmental friendly in all aspects and in so doing conserve the environment and at the same time use very few resources.

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The green building concepts thus ensures that buildings are environmentally responsible and at the same time they are resource efficient in all the stages of the project. The green building concept may seem to be new but it is not as it stems from the traditional and classical practices that ensured that construction projects are economical, durable and offer comfort.

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Green buildings are thus designed in order to ensure: 1 the efficient utilization of resources which include energy, water among other resources; 2 the protection of the health of the occupants of the building in order to increase their productivity; 3 the reduction of waste, prevention of pollution and the prevention of environmental degradation Gordon, In the world today, Dubai has come up as one of the most influential city in the world and a business hub.

However, things continue to change as it now receives revenue from a wealth of other sectors which include tourism and real estates.

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It is well known for the most innovative, technologically driven construction projects including buildings as well other facilities. The building is taller than any other building ever constructed in the world over centuries. The building stands on a man-made island making it one of the most innovative structures of the 21 st century Emporis, Every research has the purpose of solving a specific problem.

It is a problem that leads to a study in order to find information that can be used to solve the particular problem. The research problem in social research is what leads to the generation of the research questions. The research question provides answers to what the study is seeking to find out Creswell, Therefore a clear well thought out question that leads to the generation of new hypotheses, and further question is appropriate for any study. Research questions must be clear, well-structured and researchable Tayie, In this study, the research question is: What is the influence of environmental factors on the successful completion of a construction project?

As discussed in the background, this study tries to understand the influence of environmental factors on the successful completion of construction projects. From this, the aim of the research is therefore to critically look at the environmental factors and find out how these factors impact on the successful completion of construction projects.

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A number of factors will thus be studied to try and understand how these factors influence the success of construction projects. Each and every study must have study objectives. Passwort vergessen?

A rapidly changing economic environment, characterized by such phenomena as the globalization and deregulation of markets, changing customer and investor demands, and an increasing product-market competition, has become the norm for most organizations. To compete in this new environment, a continual performance improvement through reducing costs, innovating products and processes, and improving quality, productivity and speed to market is essential.

Concerning these required quality improvements, in recent years, a new approach to management, particularly coming from the Anglophone countries like the United States, in which organizations compete on quality rather than cost, and rely on human resource development to do so, could be detected. This new approach focuses on the involvement of employees in the decision making process and on using a certain combination or bundle of progressive management practices, which raise welfare to workers for example training, appraisal, profit-sharing and high compensation systems.

Whatever the terminology, the idea is that a particular set of HR practices has the potential to bring out improved organizational performance. To put a finer point on that, I will now list up the three goals, according to Baron, J. They should use their own considerable judgement to determine and anticipate what needs to be done, and they should help the organization to improve, by contributing ideas and information needed to achieve improvement 4.

In this context, a range of authors published studies exploring the links between HRM and performance. At their root, most of the studies focus on enhancing the skills of employees through HR activities such as selective staffing, training, and broad development efforts like job rotation and cross training. Additionally, the studies tend to promote empowerment, participative problem solving, team-working and group-based incentives. In the following, I will explain more in detail the list of high commitment HR practices outlined by Pfeffer and at the same time apply those practices on a real world situation.

The publicly owned company has offices in more than countries around the world. In it employed more than 56, people worldwide and accounted for a turnover of According to Holman et al employment guarantees represent the base for an open and trusting relationship between employee and employer. If the employee feels secure and is having good prospects of career possibilities inside the firm, he is more likely to offer ideas, hard work and commitment. However, that does not mean that the employment is guaranteed in all cases and that the employees can stay in the same job for life.

Employment security just implies that job reductions will be avoided, wherever possible, and that employees in general can expect to maintain their employment with the organization. The increasing number of mergers and acquisitions might be an indication that the electricity industry follows the development of other heavy industries e. However the electricity market is strongly influenced by politics so that the market and corporate structures are not only affected by supply and demand. The international activities of the electric utilities are following different strategies.

Some companies focus their activities on bordering electricity markets, others are engaged in various investment properties in more distant regions or with a greater value added consequence on geographically distant markets. Their activities extend cooperation within and outside of Europe. EdF holds investments in the U. But the focus of these foreign relations is shifting primarily to South America and Africa. Obviously, global opening of electricity markets results in a global market.

Enterprises which only expand in the interior of their country have to cope with declining revenues and margins will. That means, a pure national enterprise policy has only short-term prospects to gain revenue. To avoid this, they require new strategies. And one is geographic expansion. While the consumption of energy in Europe will not change significantly, the competition will arise and therefore further company mergers will be unavoidable. Only Partnerships and mergers can reduce costs on a medium to long term base. In Scandinavia and Britain, where the liberalization process already begun in the early 90s, customers are already benefiting from lower electricity prices.

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An observed side effect of domestic and international mergers is the reduction of employees since there are many crossovers in various business divisions Although the entire European electricity market is not fully liberalized yet there are already significant changes in this sector: The supply of electrical energy is no longer based on a single region. But it is likely that this industry will not change in the private-sector on a long-term base.

A prospective price comparison will show that the increasing liberalization and increasing competition of different suppliers are used for verification. Probably in the long term mainly large enterprises with corresponding consumption of energy will benefit financially from an open market. With the opening of a previous monopolistic sector there are always associated opportunities for the market with more or less assessable risk factors. Add to cart. Table of Content 1.