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Having filed into the Park the immense cohort of delegates formed in parallel lines fronting the City Hall, whose brilliant calcium light revealed the features of every man, and the singing societies, who were the hosts being massed on the steps and esplanade then sang the magnificent "Unser Grusse," under the leadership of Prof. And yet and in perfect decorum. Passing along the line of march, the was as follows: Capt. Arion, 27 men -- Union Maennerchor. Aurora, 20 men -- Fidelia.

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Beethoven Gesanverein, 27 men -- Beethoven Maennerchor. Caccilia Gesanverein, 42 men -- Schwabisher Saengerbund. Germania Maennerchor, 22 men -- Germania. Eintracht, 20 men -- Liedertafel der Veremigten. Liedertafel Deutschen Gemeinde, 46 men -- Saengerbund. Orpheus, 26 men -- Social Reform Liedertafel. Saengerbund, 66 men -- Schillerbund. Saengerbund, 26 men -- Loreley.

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Socialer Liederkranz, 42 men -- Froshinn. Teutonia Saengerbund, 19 men -- Sing Academie. Columbia Maennerchor, 12 men -- Allemania. Junger Maennerchor 38 men -- Coolima. Liedertafel, 49 men -- Social Reform Gesangverein. Maennerchor, 29 men -- Teutonia. Teutonia Maennerchor, 28 men -- Liedertafel. Arbiter Gesang Verein, 34 men -- Germania.

Arion, 35 men -- Euphonia.

Germania Maennerchor, 37 men -- Saengerbund. Germania, 41 men -- Mozart Verein. Saengerchor, 22 men -- Melomanen. Turner Gesang Verein, 32 men -- Schillerbund. Turner Liedertafel, 21 men -- Schillerbund. Aurora, 39 men. Arion, 23 men. dictionary :: Mobbing :: German-English translation

Eintrecht, 25 men -- Orphens. German Maennerchor, 12 men -- Social Maennerchor. Aurora, from Egg Harbor City, 32 men. Eintracht, 15 men -- Concordia. Germania, 25 men -- Harmonia. Germania, 15 men -- Uhland Band. Germania, 8 men -- Liederkranz. Liederkranz, 18 men -- Helvetia. Liederkranz, 31 men -- Teutonia. Liedertafel, 32 men -- Liederkranz. Saengerbund, 23 men -- Teutonia. Lortznig Maennorchor, 12 men -- Wiiliamsburgh Quartette Club.

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Maennerchor, 21 men -- Armenia. Maennerchor, 13 men -- Lyra. Orpheus, 27 men -- Liederkranz. Saengerbund, 21 men -- Saengerbund. Saengerbund, 21 men -- Williamsburgh Saengerbund. Teutonia, 38 men -- Williamsburgh Saengerbund. Turner Saengerbund, 29 men -- Rheinischer Saengerbund.

Wie mobbing enden kann -- Kurzfilm-- Schleich-- Germany--

Virginia, 6 men -- Teutonia. Maenner Quartette, 4 men -- Liederkranz. Eintracht, 6 men -- Allemania. Turner Leidertafel of Washington, D. Allemania, 33 members. Colonia, 46 members.

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Concordia, 25 members. Euphonia, 35 members. Froshinn, Bloomingdale, 28 members. Fidelia, 30 members. Germania, 23 members. Harmonia, 36 members, Helvetia, 20 members. Loreley, 20 members. Liedertafel, 32 members. Liederkranz, members. Liedertafelder Social Reform, 31 members.


Lyra Maennerchor, 16 members. Mozart Verein, 31 members. Orpheus, 26 members. Hoboken Quartette Club, 20 members. Rheinischer Saengerbund, 42 members. Williamsburgh Saengerbund, 40 members. Schillerbund, 49 members. New-Yorker Saengerbund, 66 members. Jersey City Saengerbund, 16 members.

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Social Reform Gesang Verein, 40 members. Social Reform Lidertafel, 24 members. Forums Trainer Courses.