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Always will be. They eat. And they make little baby sharks. They're the perfect killing machine, and therefore, the perfect real life monster for horror films. My psychologist and I can work out why I'm so afraid of these swimming meat-grinders another time. Instead, in honor of Shark Week , I thought it might be fun to look at the history and evolution of the shark horror film Aside from being a swimming, eating water demon, sharks are also a fascinating creature in that they are one of the few living things on earth that has evolved very little since prehistoric times.

The shark film, however, has changed quite a bit since it first swam on scene. Below are six films that became important points in the shark horror film timeline, as well as how they impacted the genre and the films that followed. In order to study how sharks in these films went from a slightly larger than normal Great White to a giant, ancient Megalodon, we might as well start from the beginning with What he got was so much more.

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The film itself is responsible for the term "summer blockbuster". According to Box Office Mojo , the film ranks 7th in all-time adjusted gross. That's insane! And audiences immediately felt the impact.

Not only did the film have everyone talking, it also had them staying out of the water. All across America, audiences were afraid to swim out into the ocean. Shark attacks are, after all, pretty damn rare, since they are, in reality, creatures that have zero interest in actually eating human beings.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do being attacked by a shark. But that didn't matter. Yell shark at a beach, and people panic.

Hum Williams' theme in the water, and watch yourself get smacked. People like myself can't even go neck deep in the water without their eyes constantly flicking back and forth, looking for the tip of a dorsal fin. We'll never know.

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It also inspired an array of knockoffs. I'm talking about deep sea terror in general.


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Decca's release presents something of a conundrum - it is a completely different score from that of the original LP see the analysis for "Man Against Beast" for just one example , yet it functions just as well as a listening experience. My advice would be to own both releases, since they compliment each other, with each housing merits absent from the other. For those reluctant to purchase both, go with the Decca expansion as a first choice - as much as I love the other version, this is simply a superior score.