Guide Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice

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Correctional health systems and their employees are expected to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

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The monitoring and oversight of these systems may not be as visible as in health care settings in the community. Nevertheless, these functions are important. Correctional facilities have a federal mandate to provide appropriate health care for individuals detained and incarcerated. If a facility fails to ensure safety and fails to meet the serious medical needs of those incarcerated, this likely will lead to litigation and court monitoring. Several nongovernmental organizations also issue useful standards and other guidance. Many facilities strive to meet these standards for accreditation even if they are not accredited because compliance improves quality and limits liability risk.

Patient Safety, Law Policy and Practice

Other organizations, such as the American Public Health Association, the American Nurses Association and the American Psychiatric Association, also publish standards and recommendations on aspects of health care in corrections. The correctional nurse must understand these standards and ensure that nursing practice is consistent with them.

In all cases, measuring and monitoring systems is essential.

Patient Safety Map & Toolkit – The National Academy for State Health Policy

Nurses must also understand and comply with the policies and procedures established at their facilities. Policies and procedures provide guidance, standardization and consistency in practices, and failure to comply places the nurse, patient and institution at risk.

Analyzing a dataset of over 1. I examine whether allowing NPs to practice independently of physicians increases opioid prescriptions. Granting NPs independence increases NP opioid prescriptions but decreases physician opioid prescriptions across three different measures of prescriptions.

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The net effect is an overall decrease of about 1. The results suggest that restrictive scope-of-practice laws are not necessary to protect patients from the overuse of dangerous drugs and that these laws may increase the use of these medications and undermine patient safety. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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Subscribe to this free journal for more curated articles on this topic. Subscribe to this fee journal for more curated articles on this topic. Psychiatry eJournal. Three strategic aims will support the development of both:.

Legal and Policy Interventions to Improve Patient Safety

There is a discussion in the strategy on how each of these three strategic aims will be actioned. Safety is not seen in the strategy as an absolute, immovable concept with a single objective or a defined point. The gold standard for safety will continue to be refined by new research and innovations; providing definite benchmarks on a never ending mission p6. Culture change — the strategy states — cannot be mandated by strategy, but you cannot ignore its role in determining safety. The strategy is detailed and there is a helpful resource section attached on the strategy website.

It reflects deep, fresh thinking and refers to significant amounts of academic writing and research. This is not a case of old wine in new bottles.

There is also a conceptual underpinning as to what is proposed and a clear route forward.