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Score and parts : Warner Chappell. Note : There is also a wind band arrangement by George Pollen unpublished. Arrangement probably by C apt. Adkins : 2 cnts.

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Score and parts : Royal Military School. Arrangement by Frederick W.

Chappelle: 2 hns. Festival Overture , revised Note : The manuscript of the original version is in the British Library.

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From Dusk till Dawn [ballet] Score and parts : Royal Academy of Music. Garden of Fand, The [tone-poem] Score and parts : Warner Chappell; Kalmus. Golden Eagle [incidental music] Happy Forest, The [tone-poem] Note : Originally for piano solo.

Hosting at Dawn [fanfare] Score and parts : Fleisher Collection. In Memoriam Score and parts : Frazier. Note : This is a different work from In Memoriam for cor anglais, harp, and string quartet. In the Faery Hills [tone-poem] , revised Note: The manuscript score of the original version of is in the British Library. Into the Twilight [tone-poem] Note : The fourth trombone part may be played by a tuba. See section VII.

Legend, A [tone-poem] London Pageant Malta, G. Note : The final march is also available arranged for military band by W. Duthoit and for piano by W. Lloyd-Webber Warner Chappell. Harris as Funeral March Warner Chappell.

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Mediterranean Note : Originally for piano. Northern Ballad No. Score and parts: Warner Chappell. Nympholept [tone-poem] Oliver Twist [film music] On the Sea-Shore [orchestrated by Graham Parlett] , orch. Note : This is an orchestration of the prelude to scene 5 of the projected opera Deirdre. Orchestral Pieces, Four : 1 Pensive Twilight.

Harp, strings. Overture, Elegy and Rondo Overture to Adventure Overture to a Picaresque Comedy An organ arrangement by William Barr is also available Warner Chappell. Note : For the original versions of see Orchestral Pieces, Four. Prelude for a Solemn Occasion Red Autumn Orchestrated by Graham Parlett: 3 1 2. Note : Originally for two pianos. Romantic Overture [for chamber orchestra] Rosc-catha Roscatha [tone-poem] Score and parts : Fortissimo Music. Royal Wedding Fanfares, Two Arrangement by Capt.

Roberts: 8 trumpets, 4 trombones, side drum, cymbals.

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Note : A third fanfare written for this event was not used and is now missing. Russian Suite : 1 Gopak. Note : These pieces were originally written for piano solo. Salute to Sydney [fanfare] Scherzo see Symphonic Scherzo Sinfonietta Song of War and Victory, A Score and parts: Ludden. Spring Fire Summer Music [tone-poem] , revised Note : The manuscript of the original version is privately owned. Symphonic Scherzo , revised Note: The parts for the original version called Scherzo are also held by Warner Chappell; the score is privately owned.

Originally for piano solo. Symphonic Serenade [for string orchestra] c. Symphony in F Four movements completed in short score only in Boole Library, Cork. Orchestration by Martin Yates Score and parts : Yates. Symphony No. Study score : Studio Music. Tale the Pine-Trees knew, The [tone-poem] Tamara [ballet] Five-movement suite compiled and orchestrated by Graham Parlett : 3 1.

Note : Bax never orchestrated this ballet. His piano score is in the Boole Library. Tintagel [tone-poem] Note : This incidental music to a play about a mute dancer is, in effect, a ballet score. A reduced orchestration is available through cross-cueing noted in the parts. Variations Score and parts : Martin Yates.

Minuet and Trio - Grade 2.5 Trombone Solo - J.S. Bach -

Harp and string orchestra. Score and parts : Chester Music. Note : This was originally a folksong arrangement made jointly by Bax, Bridge, Goossens, and Ireland. Victory March Note : The trio of this march is taken from the finale of Malta, G. Work in Progress [overture] Score, parts, and two-piano score : Warner Chappell. Slow movement abridged and arr. Lloyd Webber : Studio Music. Concertino for Piano and Orchestra Edited and orchestrated by Graham Parlett.

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Withdrawn pending revision. Score, parts, and piano part : Warner Chappell. Percussion 2 players : b. Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra Unpublished score and parts, and published arrangement for two pianos : Warner Chappell. Winter Legends for Piano and Orchestra Score, parts, and arrangement for two pianos : Warner Chappell. Score and parts : Studio Music. Arrangement for violin and piano : Studio Music. Note : The violin-and-piano arrangement made by the composer contains many inaccuracies.

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Cradle Song for Violin and String Orchestra Arranged by Graham Parlett Score, parts, and arrangement for viola and piano : Warner Chappell. Arrangement for cello and piano : Studio Music. Note : There is also an unpublished, privately-owned arrangement for viola and orchestra by Norman Carrell. Bax is reported to have shown no enthusiasm for it, and it has never been performed. Arranged for oboe and chamber orchestra by Jonathan Allentoff. Score and parts : Allentoff. Oboe Quintet Arranged for oboe and string orchestra by John Barbirolli.

Score and parts : Barbirolli is believed to have used the original quintet version Warner Chappell , with divisi instead of double stopping. Extra double-bass part : Royal Northern College of Music. Each movement scored differently : I Cor ang. II Cl. III Hn. IV Cor ang. There is no musical connection with In Memoriam for orchestra. Score : British Library. Note : This early, immature piece, originally for piano, is listed here for the sake of completeness.

Octet for Horn, Piano and String Sextet Note : Although not intended by Bax, this work has sometimes been played with string orchestra instead of string sextet. Parts : Lyra Music. Note : The printed parts published by Lyra are very inaccurate and should not be used without first being checked against the score.

Colleen Potter Thorburn and Graham Parlett are currently preparing a list of corrections. Lyrical Interlude , revised Note : This is a revised version of the slow movement from the String Quintet in G see below. Quintet for Harp and String Quartet Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet Note : Also available in an arrangement for oboe and string orchestra by John Barbirolli. Quintet for Piano and String Quartet Quintet in G for Strings Score : Privately owned.

Parts : Paul Barritt. Note : The slow movement was revised as the Lyrical Interlude see above.

Quintet for Strings [in one movement] Quartet for Strings in E Score and parts : Graham Parlett in preparation. Note : Slow movement orchestrated in as the tone-poem Cathaleen-ni-Hoolihan.