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Think of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence in Individually, each of them had more to lose than to gain in a revolution. Most of them were already men of standing in their communities, highly educated and owners of substantial property. John Hancock, the richest man in America, became a wanted man, with a price of , on his head. They did not choose to revolt; they merely wanted to be treated the same as other Englishmen were in England.

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And they all knew that the penalty for treason was death by hanging. Each signer became a marked man, pursued relentlessly by the British retribution. None who had property or family were spared. Most lived to see their families killed or separated forever and their property sacked. Nine signers died of wounds or hardships during the war. Many died in poverty-the fathers of our country! Their pledge-"our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor"-was no idle boast.

Why does freedom cost so much? Because throughout history another principle seems too often to prevail-the principle of selfishness that seeks, often at great cost also, to control the mind and property of others. The principle of freedom must be our first commitment, for without this no one is immune against the virus of aggrandizement-the impulse to grab power, wealth, position, or reputation at the expense of others.

The cost of freedom is beyond words. So is the cost of exploitation wherein men and women lose their freedom to think, to worship, to invent. Such are forced to travel under the dark cloud of totalitarianism, no matter what name it might go by. The purchase of freedom liberates the human spirit and frees citizens, worshipers, to lift their fellowmen to heights otherwise unattainable. But the cost of exploitation not only slams the door on human joy; it lowers the darkest clouds on initiative and progress.

Any page in any history book will shout out examples of "freedom's holy light" as well as sadder tales of human exploitation when that light went out and men and women were crushed in spirit as well as in pocket. The principle of freedom and the spirit of exploitation are not philosophical constructs. They did not emerge suddenly in the history of humanity.

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Freedom and aggrandizement are at the heart of the great conflict between good and evil. How much might freedom have cost Heaven? God has had to watch His creation make horrible mistakes and suffer appalling results, on the innocent as well as the guilty, in order to secure the universe against the desire to question His wisdom and justice ever again.

What was at stake! Freedom of choice, nothing less!

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Life is not truly defined without freedom. Struggling against all odds, both came close to death.

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