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Uncertainty Quotes

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Have Clarity In Your Life – Overcome Uncertainty - Know Where You’re Going Subliminal Binaural

Total Type A personality response, right? But that's why I feel even more strongly that Thriving Through Uncertainty is the one self-help book that all Type A people need to read. I first picked up Tama Kieves' book from the library because, well, I was looking for a little guidance.

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  • Uncertainty Quotes!

Thriving Through Uncertainty is written for people who feel overwhelmed and fearful at any uncertainty in their lives, and are hoping to look past the anxiety and doubt that is clawing at their throats — all in an effort to discover a way to thrive, even when they don't have a single clue about what's going to happen. Yeah, I'm going to have to check yes on all of the above for myself, and probably you too, my Type A friend.

Read a book to transform your life.

Some traits that Type A personalities are known for include being goal-oriented, competitive, highly organized and ambitious. And, while all of those things can be great in moderation, Type A people tend to be more prone to impatience and stress, especially when things don't go quite according to the plan they've made — i. This can relate to anything: career upheaval, health concerns, unhealthy relationships And now I'm going to tell you something that I know from personal experience: you might need a little bit of help getting over this hump, to find out what your life can be without the limiting rigidity you've become so accustomed to.

And reading Thriving Through Uncertainty is a start. For me, this book is helping me understand that I can change my life by changing my response to it. That I can get out of my comfort zone and find the best version of me on the other side.

For you, it might be about learning to let go of the self-doubt that is holding you back in your career. Or finding a way to live more fully in the present moment. Or just opening yourself up to more possibilities.